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Your First Step to Profitable Growth and Reducing Turnover in Property Management


Do you feel that your property management business owns you? Did you think that you had the right systems in place but are spending all your time putting out fires? Do you feel that you never have time to see the kids?

Embark PM acts as a business advisor and time management coach. Our business management consulting services provide you with the guidance and toolset you need to grow your business to new profitable heights with expert advice from an experienced business development consultant.

Property managers must keep both property owners and tenants happy. They must take care of a building and make sure it is safe and habitable. And they must give investment property owners a return on their investment.

Embark PM knows what property management entails: we have been property managers ourselves for decades. We’ve been there. And our experience has shown us that a property management business needs the right operational systems and processes to run smoothly.

Paper records, broken chains of responsibility, and a non-automated record system can exhaust even the best property manager. Morale will fall, staff turnover will increase, and you will feel you are drowning.

When homeowners start calling because they’ve lost confidence, it’s time to call for help. Chapin will help you make your business a success, with focus, hard work, and a commitment to change.

One Process. Two Months. New Life.

Build a Thriving Business with Our Tools and Processes

Every property management business is different. That’s why every company needs to establish its own processes. Your business needs to create clear custom processes between property owners, your business, and tenants. Each aspect of the business, from rent collection to lease-signing and maintenance requests, should be studied and given its own process.

Sit down with your staff and map your business tasks. How do you handle things? There are so many steps when it comes to moving in, moving out, renewal processes, and onboarding processes for clients, tenants, and vendors. How do you avoid the plethora of mistakes that result from having a sloppy process? With so many steps involved, if a single one isn’t done correctly, the whole process can get derailed.

You should also consider assigning a dedicated person who will be responsible for managing specific processes, thus further streamlining your business, and allow you to escape the day-to-day.

The key to mapping your business lies with your people.

People Matter

Your overall strategy should involve your staff because they are the people responsible for keeping your business alive.

Once you have mapped your processes, you should discuss with your staff who will be responsible for each particular task. When you devolve responsibility, you are empowering your team. This gives them self-confidence and a stake in the success of the business.

To sort out their structural problems, property management business owners often hire more people. This decreases their profitability without necessarily solving their problems. Instead of throwing staff at your problems, you should:


Only hire the necessary team members for the quantity of work you have.


Make sure everyone is in the right seat to maximize the benefits to your team and business.

Technology Matters

Technology and the appropriate software can greatly help your business automate processes. We leverage technology to:


Make sure that everyone is doing the same process the same way to minimize mistakes


Mitigate unhappy tenants and clients


Assist people in doing their job with maximum efficacy.

That way, you have happy clients and everyone knows what to expect.

Processes can be very complex, but if they’re easier to complete, everyone wins. Property management software is often the only tool that a property management firm has to move forward. Your strategy should adopt the tools that best suit your company culture, support your team, train your people, and encourage communication. The more simple your process is to learn, the fewer mistakes you’ll make.

Together, we can train your staff and show them how to adopt the new processes and own them.

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With Chapin’s vast experience in property management, Embark PM can help increase your business efficiency, streamline your business processes, reduce turnover, and expand your market share.

More importantly, it will give you back your life.

The combination of an engaged staff, helpful processes, and supportive technology will make a whole world of difference in how your business performs and how satisfied you are with your job.

Property management is a demanding job—but it doesn’t have to be exhausting. Let Embark PM help you achieve your true potential, gain peace of mind, and make your employees more productive!