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Introducing Embark PM!

Sep 16, 2021 | 2 comments

Today is a great day! I am thrilled to announce and introduce my new company and adventure that has been a professional lifetime in the making. This is different for me, and as such, so exciting!

For the last 20 years I have worked in property management, asset management of residential properties, and corporate operations of those assets. I have also founded, built, and sold a property management firm that serviced real estate investors and accidental landlords alike. I feel I have a truly unique perspective on this industry at a time when the industry has gone through – and is still very much going through – a renaissance.

I am elated!Just like anyone else who has spent two decades in a specific industry, there have been moments of elation and despair. I have worked in some of the most shark infested corporate waters and for some of the most difficult clients imaginable. I have also worked with clients who are amazing and will remain lifelong friends. I have learned so much about this industry due to incredible mentors and coaches, those who were intentionally teaching me and those who I learned from despite their failures as leaders. Help! I'm in despair!I would not give any of it up….none of those unpleasant moments that have haunted me, because they have built and shaped who I am and how I got where I sit today.

And now…now I am evolving my experience and profession to that of advisor, coach, consultant, teacher. I am giving back the breadth of my experience to those who desperately want it. My purpose is to be the person who I continually sought out when I was in the foggy insanity that can be property management. There is a way to have a life and a property management company…at the same time. REALLY, there is! I have gone through it and am now on the other side.

I have begun to embark on a journey that lifts my spirit, and that is intended to support and inspire others who join me.

Welcome to EMBARK PM!

Embark PM


  1. Val Garcia

    Congratulations! May your business blossom in the years to come <3


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