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How to Advertise Rental Properties Successfully

Dec 2, 2022 | 0 comments

In order for a business to reach a customer, you have to advertise it. For this reason, marketing is essential. This also applies to your rental property. To spark interest from top-quality renters and make the most out of your rental investment, you need to get it in front of an audience that can turn into potential tenants.

If you’re able to advertise and reach your target renters, you’ll end up with the best renters which will help you earn optimal returns. Not only that, but you’ll also benefit from the way good tenants take care of your rental unit and send a notice when property issues are spotted. 

Thus, you’re able to keep up with your property maintenance, renovations, and cultivating a great landlord-tenant relationship.

When you have quality renters occupying your unit they’re bound to adhere to the leasing policies. If you want to score great renters, it’s best to learn how to effectively advertise your rental property.

Here are some recommendations when advertising a rental home:

Choose to Invest in Photography

Visuals contribute a lot in marketing, so posting excellent photos is a must. Good quality photos help attract prospective renters, they’ll contact you for a property showing, and you can rent out your unit quickly. Listings that don’t display photos end up with fewer views so it’s best to attach images to your rental ads.

a camera sitting on an indoor table

When presented with pictures and words, people often check out the images first. In order to make a good first impression, you must take great steps in creating beautiful photos to look at to score higher interest. You can use your mobile phone, just make sure that the pictures appear well-shot. Make sure that the resolution is high so the images are bright and the details are clear.

Photography Staging and Preparation

Before proceeding with taking property photos in your Idaho rental home, get rid of clutter. A clean environment refreshes the eyes and the unit appears organized. Remove personal items. Ask yourself if an object needs to be present in the picture.

You’re promoting a livable space where tenants can imagine staying. Just by looking at your picture, you want to be promoting a desirable lifestyle which connects to the potential tenant, not only visually, but emotionally as well. If you succeed then you will successfully fill your property vacancy.

Photography Lighting

Always be mindful of the lighting in the picture. No matter how outstanding your property looks, if it’s photographed under bad lighting, then the results are sub-par. Prioritize using natural lighting since this provides excellent results. Check the weather before the day of the shoot for optimal lighting conditions.

a camera in a dark room

You can use other lighting sources and equipment. Just make sure you have enough expertise so the photos turn out well. No one wants to gaze at dim photos full of shadows or blurred ones that make it hard to zoom in on the details.

Photography Angles

After all the photography preparation, you want to focus on getting the best angles of your Idaho rental home. Choose places that offer the widest vantage point so you can capture a vast area of the property. Place yourself in the viewers’ shoes and ask what details you would want to see. 

Shoot two walls instead of one to open up the space. Make your photos appear realistic and shoot from a reasonable height. Otherwise, prospective renters can bring certain unrealistic expectations with them when they come to view the property. 

Make things easier for yourself and prospective tenants before conducting a property shoot. Be ready with a shot list on hand to make it convenient for the person taking the photos, be it yourself or a professional photographer. This will also allow you to visualize the photos you want and how they should be taken. 

Photography Shot List

  • All the bedrooms inside the rental
  • All the bathrooms inside the rental
  • Kitchen photos displaying furnishing and appliances 
  • Interior and exterior dining spots
  • Family and living room areas
  • Outdoor spaces 
  • Parts of the property that showcase wonderful ambiance

high quality photo of a living room

Even if your Idaho rental home is the main point in the ad photo, prospective renters also want to know the neighborhood environment. Provide photos of the surrounding neighborhood so renters can imagine the lifestyle.

Create Great Copy

With fantastic images ready, you now want to make sure the ad copy matches. It must have engaging descriptions that excite and stimulate potential tenants. The copy is where the story becomes cohesive. 

It should contain the right keywords so people searching can easily find it. The better the keywords, the greater the number of prospective renters you can draw to your Idaho rental home.

Avoid neglecting the two most essential parts of the advertising copy: the headline and the summary description. 


Make sure to have a complete and strong headline. You can follow this effective headline formula:

Rent Price Amount + Number of Bedrooms +Number of Bathrooms + Type of Property + Location  + Great Selling Point

It contains the information that renters focus on so this makes a terrific headline.

Summary Description

Be conscious of the words you’re using in describing your rental property. With the right words, you can build up a beautiful and detailed summary of what living in your Idaho rental unit is like. Make sure that it matches the property photos. Mention the amenities and highlight the best features to make your rental shine above others. 

typing copy on a laptop

The description is the best way to let the potential tenant know about the space before the tenant interview. Make sure to include all the best aspects of the neighborhood and space so they know they’re getting the most for the price of the rental

Ad Distribution

The final step is to be strategic with your distribution. Post ads for your Idaho rental home online and offline. Cover all the bases from setting up yard signs and handing out flyers to printing ads in the newspapers. Analyze your target market and where they’ll likely be looking for a rental space. Monitor the ad results and consider other distribution channels if the interest remains low.

Trust a Property Management Company

If you need help advertising your Idaho property look no further than the experts at Embark PM. Our experts can guide you in all your property management needs. Contact us today to get to know our team!



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